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As of 1 January 2022, UK businesses involved with importing or exporting goods from/to the EU will have to declare their shipments to HMRC. This is done in the form of a full customs declaration. 

Our Customs Declaration team has a wealth of experience in a wide range of sectors and transport modes and are ready to assist your business. 

What are customs declarations and why are they important?

Customs declarations are legally required forms which are used to accompany goods that are entering or leaving a market. 

It is businesses’ responsibility to declare all movements of goods to HMRC promptly and accurately.

This includes obtaining any applicable licences, permits and compliance with quotas. Incorrect declarations can lead to delays in clearing goods through ports and potential punitive action by HMRC.

Why choose HC-Customs declaration service?


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  • We use integrated software for customs entries with direct links to major Air, Sea and Road port terminals.
  • We can make faster duty and VAT payments to HMRC on your behalf, through our deferment account.
  • Customs brokerage sits alongside our advisory services on documentation required in international trade.
  • Staffed by an experienced team of Customs Declaration coordinators with experience in a wide range of sectors and transport modes.

How we add Value

Customs Declarations

We make Customs procedures and processes simpler for our Clients / Partners, with complete integrity and confidentiality. Our staff are well equipped in all aspects of Customs compliance and procedures, including Commodity Classification, Import / Export procedures, Transit Declarations…

Tariffs & Duty Calculations

We assist our Clients / Partners in VAT, Tariff, Duty calculations and much more. Assuring a complete compliance with HMRC. Mitigating any potential classification risks, delay costs, and avoiding fines.

Advisory Services

We provide ad-hoc services to our Clients / Partners in all matters related to Customs procedures. Whether you need an answer to a specific query or completely outsource your customs function to us. Our proactive and experienced team is here to help.


Customs agent role explained